• Classic Series DIY Garage Cabinets
    Red Alder Cabinets with Slat Walls
  • Classic Series DIY Garage Storage Cabinets
    Red Alder Cabinets with Saddle Tan Floors
  • Plywood Classic Series DIY Garage Storage Cabinets
    Extruded Aluminum Handles with a Metal Storage Chest
  • Tech Series DIY Garage Cabinets
    Tech Series with Tech Silver Garage Floors
  • DIY Garage Storage Cabinets Tech Series Edition
    Tech Series with Garage Floor tiles
  • DIY Garage Storage Cabinets
    Classic Tech Series look!
  • Saddle Tan Garage Floor
    Saddle Tan Garage Floor
  • Tech Garage Floor
    Tech Silver Garage Floor
  • Tech Blue Garage Floor
    Tech Blue Garage Floor

Classic Series

The Slide-Lok Classic series comes available in four durable thermofused finishes with a natural wood grain look. Available in all of the Slide-Lok lines the Classic Series offers...

  • Durable Plywood (Not Particle Board)
  • Patented Dovetail Construction
  • Custom Designs
  • Lifetime Warranty*

Along with the modular design which allows you to custom design for your storage needs we also offer Slat Wall and Slat-Wall accessories, adjustable shelves, drawers, a metal storage chest, flooring and other garage accessories. Whatever your need may be the Classic Series allows you to design a garage perfect for your needs. Keeping with the theme of customization the Classic Series now offers the option of extruded aluminum handles (as seen with the Tech Series).

Tech Series

For the race car driver in you!

The Slide-Lok Tech Series embodies the same great qualities the classic series has to offer like...

  • Durable Plywood Construction (Not Particle Board): To maintain and provide a lifetime worth of durability and quality.
  • Adjustable Shelves: All Slide-Lok cabinets come with pre drilled holes for a quick and easy adjustment to accommodate your ever changing and hectic storage needs.
  • Dovetail Construction: Slide-Lok's patented dovetail construction ensures the installer whether it be you for a DIY project or someone else a smooth assembly.

While the tech series offers the same great qualities as the Classic Series, the sleek and modern look set the Tech Series apart. The Tech Series as seen above comes in a classy black and silver that gives off a "rock and roll" yet efficient vibe. The cabinets also come with extruded aluminum handles to maintain the Tech Series look.

The Tech Series feature the same great modular design built into the entire Slide-Lok line. The modular design is a customer favorite as it accommodates to any type of need; whether that be a couple cabinets to place on the side of a wall or a whole garage lined with the beautiful tech series cabinets. Along with the modular design, there is also optional drawers, slat wall, and a metal storage chest to customize a garage perfect for you!

Garage Floor Coatings

Install Today... Drive on Tomorrow!

Slide-Lok garage floors features 6 rich colors to choose from as well as custom colors. The flooring also showcases a high gloss retention. Garage Floor Coatings are UV, impact, and abrasion resistant. Floor coatings can be installed in as little as one day.

As well as garage flooring Slide-Lok also offers plenty of accessories to go along with it. Floor mats are perfect for areas where a non-slip surface is needed. The Floor mats are easy to assemble, requiring no special tools or adhesives. Mats also come with a variety of different color borders to choose from such as yellow, black, blue, and red. Garage floor tiles are another great option for areas where you need a non-slip surface whether that be the entire garage or a preferred area. Garage floor tiles come in 14 different colors and three different styles; Rib Trax, Sport Trax, and Diamond Trax. To go along with your garage flooring Slide-Lok also offers car pads to show off your ride and protect your floor. Just like the floor mats and floor tiles, the car pads are easy to assemble just a snap together assembly.